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Questioned documents

For over 50 years we have been applying our forensic science expertise and analytical techniques to uncovering the true nature of documents. Ever since society first started using paper to record legitimate transactions, the potential for theft, counterfeiting and identity fraud has been realised and used by unscrupulous individuals for profit or to avoid blame. Even with the increase in digital transactions, hard copy documents are still all around us and can provide crucial evidence.

Questioned documents are simply any sort of document which has been brought into question in an investigation. They may be genuine documents being used fraudulently (e.g. a bank account application form opened in a false name), or a counterfeit document being used in a genuine name (e.g. a counterfeit passport). They may be entirely genuine documents in genuine names which help provide information about the sequence of events in an investigation (e.g. a hotel booking in form).

Forensic document examination includes the examination of:

Our specialist team works with police forces, local and national Government Agencies and in the private sector. We regularly handle assignments from HR Departments looking for a discreet and professional service for dealing with employee irregularities. We also carry out work for solicitors across a range of practice areas.

Please note that we will only undertake work for a private individual if instructed by a solicitor.