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Cell site analysis

LGC Forensics' Cell site analysis team provides a comprehensive set of analytical services across a range of telecommunications disciplines. Working within the framework defined by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), we provide support to Law Enforcement and other authorised agencies as well as to defence teams; these services include the following:

Cell site analysis

Call data analysis

Data cleansing and formatting

Our team of objective, independent cell site analysts mostly come from a police analyst background and have worked on a number of high-profile cases. They are able to use their experience to ensure that our reports are written and compiled in as useable and comprehensible format as possible.

Our expert witnesses have been drawn from a variety of mobile-industry backgrounds and most still work within the industry as trainers and engineers; this ensures that our technical and practical knowledge of existing and emerging mobile technologies is as up to date as possible. Our experts have often been complimented by Judges and Counsel for the clarity and professionalism of their court presentations.

To complement our services, we offer comprehensive and industry leading training courses aimed at arming delegates with sufficient information to empower them in the increasing use of this type of technology in crime.