LGC Forensics: Digital and document forensics services

Information is stored everywhere...

As digital files on MP3 players, mobile phones, laptop computers and in-car satellite navigation systems. They can be letters, pictures, emails, or just the ringtone on your mobile. What could they tell us about someone's behaviour and movements in connection with crime?

Meanwhile, we continue to produce mountains of paper files - printed, typed or handwritten documents which contain a wealth of unseen evidence and often provide the only completely legitimate and visible evidence in criminal and civil cases.

LGC Forensics follows quality-assured, proven and reliable scientific procedures to examine and recover data from digital devices and evidence hidden in typed and handwritten documents. We are able to meet any client need by adapting our services to suit individual cases and investigations. We combine innovative and traditional methods with understanding to reveal high-quality digital and documentary evidence that will stand up in court.

Imagery/audio forensics

The LGC Forensics Imagery/audio team (formerly the Kalagate Imagery Bureau) are experts in the use of imagery and audio in the legal context, and provide the widest range of enhancement and analytical products. Read more on Imagery/audio forensics.

Audio enhancement

The proliferation of recording devices has made the use of audio material common throughout our legal system...
Read more on Audio enhancement.

Facial mapping

In this highly specialised field, LGC has some of the most experienced experts in the world...
Read more on Facial mapping.

Imagery analysis

The use of CCTV pervades our legal system, and is often crucial to the outcome of an investigation...
Read more on Imagery analysis.

Imagery enhancement

The explosion of digital recording systems has provided investigators with unprecedented opportunities to further investigations...
Read more on Imagery enhancement.


Producing accurate measurements from imagery combines skills in imagery interpretation with detailed...
Read more on Photogrammetry.

Cell site

LGC Forensics' Cell site analysis team provides a comprehensive set of analytical services across a range of telecommunications disciplines. Working within the framework defined by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), we provide support to Law Enforcement and other authorised agencies as well as to defence teams...
Read more on Cell site analysis.

Computer forensics

Computers and other digital devices provide a rich audit trail of their owners' actions and movements over a given period of time. Read more on Computer forensics.

Assisted viewing

We want you to be totally confident about using our information to support your case...
Read more on Assisted viewing.

Computer forensic analysis

Having identified which devices to interrogate, we take a forensic image of its contents...
Read more on Computer forensic analysis.

Computer investigations

Today, almost every criminal investigation will include a computer-based line of enquiry...
Read more on Computer investigations.

Covert search & seize

Our experienced team can respond at very short notice to urgent requests for on-site evidence recovery...
Read more on Covert search & seize.

Data analysis

A mobile phone, a memory card and a laptop have been brought from the crime scene to the lab for investigation...
Read more on Data analysis.

Data preservation

Evidence must be preserved to avoid challenges to its integrity when presented in court...
Read more on Data preservation.

eDiscovery & litigation support

We offer you trusted, ediscovery expertise to find and analyse relevant electronic data...
Read more on eDiscovery & litigation support.

Mobile phone forensics

Mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are a key element of modern criminal investigation. As well being used to make and receive phone calls, these are multifunctional devices for text messaging, taking pictures and managing diaries, with a large storage capacity. Read more on Mobile phone forensics.

Mobile phone forensic examination

We can provide a complete service for retrieving and reporting information contained by mobile phones...
Read more on Mobile phone forensic examination.

Memory card forensics

Memory cards may contain a vast amount of data. Any kind of file may be stored on a memory card...
Read more on Memory card forensics.

SIM card forensics

We use a range of tools to examine SIM cards. The most commonly used tool is USIM detective...
Read more on SIM card forensics.

Questioned documents

For more than 50 years we have been applying our forensic science expertise and analytical techniques to uncover the true nature of documents. Read more on Questioned documents.

Electrostatic detection apparatus

Electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA) is used to produce a permanent 'lift' from paper...
Read more on Electrostatic detection apparatus.

Handwriting comparison

The comparison of handwriting and signatures can provide very powerful evidence...
Read more on Handwriting comparison.

Indented impressions

If something is written down on paper that is resting on another piece of paper it will leave indented impressions...
Read more on Indented impressions.

Ink Examination

The visual appearance of inks is only one clue to their composition...
Read more on Ink Examination.

Miscellaneous examinations

Document examiners are skilled in extracting as much information as possible from any questioned document...
Read more on Miscellaneous examinations.

Printing analysis

Laser, inkjet and thermal printers can all provide a huge amount of evidence...
Read more on Printing analysis.

Video spectral comparator

We use a VSC 2000HR (Video Spectral Comparator) for the specialised lighting examination of documents...
Read more on Video spectral comparator.


LGC Forensics' digital and document forensics team are able to offer a broad range of solutions ranging from Court presentation to Expert witness services.

Corporate services

Digital and document forensics doesn't only apply to criminal or civil investigations...
Read more on Corporate services.

Court presentation

We can produce expert evidence from imagery analysis...
Read more on Court presentation.

Electronic presentation of evidence

LGC Forensics have unrivalled experience in developing and delivering electronic presentation packages...
Read more on Electronic presentation of evidence.

Expert witness

Our senior analysts and investigators are qualified and experienced expert witnesses...
Read more on Expert witness.

Professional services

Using our experience in security systems and examining security imagery...
Read more on Professional services.


Our experts in can assist you by training you and/or your staff in various aspects of computer forensics. We can also offer bespoke training to broaden your company's existing expertise. Read more on Training.


This training can be tailored to match specific roles and needs...

Find out more:
Awareness training.

Cell site analysis

LGC Forensics has been providing Cell site analysis training to police forces and solicitors...

Find out more:
Cell site analysis training.

Computer investigation

If you prefer to use your own investigation teams we can offer training...

Find out more:
Computer investigation training.

Forensic investigation

Our professional trainers offer industry-leading programmes...

Find out more:
Forensic investigation training.

Imagery analysis

Senior experts from LGC Forensics are in great demand to give lectures and presentations...

Find out more:
Imagery analysis training.

Incident response

You discover that an employee's laptop is contains illegal material. What should you do?

Find out more:
Incident response training.

Phone investigation

Training in mobile telephone examination is ongoing and in-depth...

Find out more:
Phone investigation training.

Questioned documents

Our professional trainers offer industry-leading programmes...

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Questioned documents training.